Warsow Server

Our Warsow server

[XorHub.com] Votable server
Server description : Join our Warsow “Votable” server, this server type grants you the possibility to vote for a gametype change, for a map change, or for an addition or removal of bots.
IP Adress / port : servers.xorhub.com:44401
Password : (no password needed)
Server presentation on the Warsow forum: EN (soon)

Direct Link to connect you on our server if you have the game installed :

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What is Warsow ?

logo_warsowProud descendant of Quake, Warsow is defined as a “fast-paced FPS” (meaning an FPS based on rhythm/speed), it’s playable on Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Forget sessions sniping and ambushes well stashed in the bend of a corridor: in Warsow, it will move – and even if nothing obliges you there, you’ll want to move.

The gameplay is entirely based on the obsession of the movement, and the game offers many and varied special tricks.

Finally, the source code of Warsow is free and under the GPL license, for the maps and textures they are under a CC-BY-SA (4.0) license.

Official Warsow trailer :