Teeworlds Server

Our Teeworlds servers

[XorHub.com] TeeWorlds CTF server
Server description : Capture the other team’s flag, and bring it back to your own base
IP address / port : servers.xorhub.com:8304
Server presentation : EN
[XorHub.com] TeeWorlds DM server
Server description : Kill each other and survive as long as you can
IP address / port : servers.xorhub.com:8305
Server presentation : EN
[XorHub.com] TeeWorlds TDM server
Server description : Choose your team and kill the other team
IP address / port : servers.xorhub.com:8306
Server presentation : EN

[XorHub.com] TeeWorlds InfectionClass server
Server description : Choose your faction and your class then, survive until the army clean the map(Humans), or infect all humans(Infected)
IP address / port : servers.xorhub.com:8310
Server presentation on the Teeworlds forum : EN
[XorHub.com] TeeWorlds OpenFNG
Server description : Freeze your ennemies and throw them without pity in death spikes
IP address / port : servers.xorhub.com:8311
Server presentation on the Teeworlds forum : EN

What is TeeWorlds ?

logo_teeworlds_splashFree and open-source, Teeworlds is an online 2d platform-shooter game. With its minimalistic and cartoonish style, Teeworlds is a good way to let off steam, offering a very funny game experience. Its fast and instinctive gameplay will delight hardcore gamers as video game newbies.

Moreover, its ability to be modified from its original content permitted it to become a game of a great variety.

Sometimes complex, sometimes technical, sometimes cooperative, sometimes single player, from the role playing game to the ball sport, the possibilities of Teeworlds are only limited to the imagination of its players.

And if you don’t want to play to it, you will surely enjoy creating maps with the integrated map editor or reworking the original software to make it look how you would like it to be.

Official Teeworlds trailer :