Support Us

Support Us


And you, what’s your game ? Minetest, of course !

You can help us by :

  • Sharing the server (by talking about it on plateforms dedicated to video-games, sticking the Minetest[ForFun] logo on your laptop cover, getting it tatoo’d on your shoulder, etc…)
  • Invite friends to discover our wonderful servers,
  • You can report us bugs you found,
  • Finally, by making videos/lives of our servers.



Our passion is our servers. But you might know that coffee, beer and neurons… are not free !

Paypal Donation

Bitcoin Donation



At this address 1MqErpGwSqWmGZaFtEHW4ojRVLce6yKiDt (or with the QRcode)


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  • b91b
  • Cyberpangolin
  • farfadet46
  • … Maybe you ? 🙂

Donations will be only used to maintain the servers and they developement !