Support Us

Support Us


And you, what’s your game ? Minetest, of course !

You can help us by :

  • Sharing the server (by talking about it on plateforms dedicated to video-games, sticking the Minetest[ForFun] logo on your laptop cover, getting it tatoo’d on your shoulder, etc…)
  • Invite friends to discover our wonderful servers,
  • You can report us bugs you found,
  • Finally, by making videos/lives of our servers.



Our passion is our servers. But you might know that coffee, beer and neurons… are not free !

Donate with Liberapay (similar to Patreon)

Liberapay is a opensource/free recurring donation platform, non-profit association which isn’t maintained by excessive fees, the only fees applied are the minimum bank charges on transactions required by the bank. Liberapay is financed on Liberapay.
The platform accepts two currencies: the euro (€) and the US dollar ($).
See the Liberapay FAQ for more details on how it works.

(or through this link)



  • b91b
  • Cyberpangolin
  • farfadet46
  • … Maybe you ? 🙂

Donations will be only used to maintain the game servers and they developement !