Servers maintenance 2016/07/19

Hello everyone !

Our team will done an exceptional maintenance, the servers will be offline for a period of 2 hours the 2016/07/19 at 4:00PM to 6:00PM.


The goal is to update our Promox VE hypervisor version 3.4 to 4.2, we will also update servers to a newer version of their OS Debian 8.



The XorHub Team apologizes for the inconvenience.
See you soon on our servers !
EDIT 6:30 pm: The maintenance isn’t ended, we work on the resolution of the migration problems we are meeting.
EDIT 11:48 pm: The maintenance still isn’t ended, but the problems we met are near solved. For the remaining problems, we will continue our work tomorrow morning.
EDIT the 07/20 at 11:29 am: The  maintenance is done, all of our servers are available again !