Hedgewars Server

Our Hedgewars server


We don’t host at this moment a XorHub server for the Hedgewars game because an official server is available with a small but active community of players, we haven’t for vocation to divide this little community of players on our infrastructure.

What is Hedgewars ?

Hedgewars is a turn-based strategy artillery game. Similar to Worms and WarMUX, players control a team of hedgehogs across a deformable landscape, battling other player (or computer) controlled teams.

Hedgewars is available on different platforms including GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS and FreeBSD. It was also ported for Android and iOS.

Official website : www.hedgewars.org


The player controls a group of hedgehogs. On his turn, a player can select one of his hedgehogs.

The player can then use weapons and tools to kill opposing hedgehogs. Killing all enemies leads to victory.

The game occurs in a destructible landscape, which is altered by the use of many weapons over the course of the match.

Although the hedgehogs can move, their motion is restricted by the shape of the landscape. However, hedgehogs can use tools such as ropes and parachutes to move into otherwise inaccessible areas.

Turns are usually limited in duration by a time limit or the use of a weapon. A hedgehog dies when it jumps into water or when its health is reduced to zero.

Game features

  • Players can use a wide variety of weapons and tools including grenades, cluster bombs, bazookas, UFOs, shotguns, baseball bats, dynamite, land mines, etc.
  • The game has both local and network multiplayer, with optional AI opponents.
  • A game tweaking tool is available, which allows players to modify different aspects of the game.
  • Customization of teams and individual hedgehogs.
  • Community-packaged maps, costumes, plugins can be created, used and shared.
  • A wide variety of environments and maps, some of which are randomly generated.

Official Hedgewars (0.9.11) trailer :