Download Teeworlds

Download Teeworlds

Client version


Our servers require Teeworlds version 0.6.1 or more, versions prior to 0.6.1 will fail to connect to our servers.

In addition, we strongly recommend taking the latest version of Teeworlds for you can get the latest advances and best performance of the game.

We invite you to download Teeworlds from  the official website 


You will have to select your operating system and architecture from the menu on the right and click on the link. (Don’t choose versions “Source” if you have no way to compile the game by yourself !)

The last thing you need to do is to choose your nickname and connect to our server [Xorhub] server .

All of our servers are running on Debian 8, and operate with the latest stable version of the Github “Teeworlds” project.