Download Minetest

Download Minetest


Client version

Our servers needs at least Minetest 0.4.11 or higher, older versions lower than 0.4.11 will fail to connect to our servers.

In addition, we strongly recommend you to install the latest Minetest version to ensure you will be able to benefit the latest features and the best performances of the game.

We invite you here to choose one of the Minetest clients available on the Forum. (you need to click on the topic corresponding to your OS)
If you are on Android, you can download the client on the Google Play Store or on F-Droid. (Both links above are official, be careful about illegal clients available on the Google Play Store they will allow you to play with a poorly made copy of Minetest)
We disallowing entirely numeric and empty nicknames. We have also deactivated nicks with more than 18 characters because of the problems it could create. Also, you will imperatively need to give yourself a password to connect to our servers.

Our servers are all running on Debian 8, and operate with the latest stable version of the Github “Minetest” project.


Texture packs

We invite you, for a better graphical pleasure, to download one of the following texture packs :

Tip : The higher the resolution is (= the highest number of px/pixels), the more detailed the textures are, but the more powerful your computer needs to be.

Installing a texture pack is easy :

  1. Download the texture pack
  2. If needed, extract the file from the archive you have with the extracting program of your choice (7-Zip for example, for Windows users)
  3. Place your folder into the “texture” folder of your game
  4. When you launch the game, you just have to select your pack into the “Texture packs” tab.